My Wild Tales

« L’amour, s’il tient à une seule fleur, est infini. » Antonio Porchia.

« Il ya un peu de tout dans tout. Il y a un peu de tout dans l’Homme ». André Billy.

« Using images is my way of communicating with people. As a photographer interested in nature, society and beauty, I seek to engage my audience in the continuous and meaningful dialogue on these essential topics. As strong and aesthetic as I can do, my photography is never imagery in itself. The eye is a part of the brain with its function of memory and consciousness of the mind. Photography makes it accessible to others; This is how I conceive of my work and my vocation in life. »

Since childhood, Jennifer Orhélys lived in different cultures, languages, and art. She was always drawn to writing, poetry, music, and fashion; and lucky to be in contact with the beauty and surrounding wilderness. Jennifer is a Photo Vogue published photographer who studied cinema, visual arts, and art history. Her photographic working the “scénaristique” staging inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite and Romantic periods of classical paintings. And, her artworks speak several languages, visual, auditory, proprioceptive, synesthetic. In 2017, her work and research on the art of self-portraiture was recognized and were part of the permanent collection of the Kiyosato Photographic Museum, Japan.

Jennifer has exhibited from New York to Los Angeles and Paris to Japan.

Public collections: See Me (New York), Kiyosato Museum Of Photographic Arts (Yamanashi, Japan)

2021Auto-Fiction/Autoportrait, Centre Culturel 100ecs, Paris. 2020  Gallery Praxis, Narrative, St Paul, Minnesota.  Image… envoyée, Image.. sent, Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris.  Corridor Elephant, Paris. 2019 • Pragati Maidan Gallery, New Dehli, India. 2018 The Art Basel Grand Opening at Miami Dome.• SCOPE MIAMI BEACH.• Nuit Bleue, Hunt Talent, Paris.• Show Your World, digital, Gallery M, New York.• The Art Takes Times Square, New York• La Galerie Nikon (web), Paris.• « Contact » in University-CROUS International, France-Germany. 2017 • Kiyosato Museum Of Photographic Arts, Yamanashi, Japan. 2016 • BERLIN FOTO BIENNALE, Berlin.• The Winners MIFA in Na Kashirke Gallery in Moscow.• Galerie KD (Biennial International Of Image), Nancy (fr). 2015 • Louvre Museum, group show, Paris, July 13th. 2014 • Heritage Museum Municipal, Malaga, Spain• Times Square, july 24th, See Me, New York.• Gallery artists corners Art Fair, Hollywood.• SCOPE MIAMI BEACH, USA. 2010 • Biennial international of image de Nancy.• Centre culturel de la justice à Rio de Janeiro, Brésil. 2009  « Semaine Internationale de la photographie », Riedisheim. 2007 • Gallery François Ier, Aubigny sur Nére.• Main Solo Shows: 2020 • Resilience-Online, Marvelous Art Gallery, (Uk).2008 • Gallery Ces arts, Héricourt,(Fr).

• Main Feature Fine Art and Fashion magazine: Vogue Italia, PHOTO Magazine (Fr), See Me (NY), Nikon Gallery (Fr), W Magazine (USA), Al-Tiba9 Magazine (Spain), Version Femina (Fr), Réponses Photo (Fr), Chasseur d’Images (Fr), PHaT Photo (Japan), Artension (Fr), Dodho magazine (Spain), Femme Actuelle (Fr), Mediapart (Fr), Darkroom Magazine (USA), Silvershotz (Australia), Dark Beauty Magazine (USA), Neverlazy (USA), Artist Portfolio Magazine (USA), France 3 Television (Fr), The Exposure Awards Fashion Photography collection (USA), Model Citizen magazine (UK), Imaginarium Magazine (Fr), Fahrenheit Magazine (Mexico), Arles Voies OFF@news (Fr), Bon Exposé-Museum of Art and Design (USA), Tout savoir sur la photographie (Fr), Phototech (Fr), Fubiz Media (Fr), Marvelous Art Gallery Magazine (UK), The Portrait Magazine.

My Wild Tales, Tell me a story. (2015-2022)

My role as a director is to capture a dreamlike landscape, and play through the incarnation of a wondrous solitary creature, to create an epic worthy of a heroic fantasy film. The photographs explode with light, meaning, colors and emotions to lead the viewer into a world of reflection and dreams.